MilSOFT is using TURKUAZ, in all net centric system products, especially those that require a complex set of interoperability requirements. Some examples are Emergency Management applications, Logistics and Fleet Management applications, Command Control Information Systems (C2IS), Maritime Information Systems, etc.TURKUAZ is compatible with international standards, based on the network centric paradigm, and supports the development and integration of complex systems in the wide area.


Technical Features and Architecture of TURKUAZ are explained in this section, where the highlights are summarized below:
• Uses JEE technologies
• Different type of clients for different needs
– Thin: HTML5, JavaFX
– Thick: Swing
• Works independent from platforms and operating systems
• Uses ESB to integrate with external systems

Intelligence officers can search through every bit of data at high speed, extract significant intelligence, perform multi-dimensional analysis using different customized views and share it with other officers when necessary.