Link M

Link-M is an Indigenous Tactical Data Link System which enables tactical data exchange amongst land, naval and air platforms using existing or new HF and V/UHF Radios.


• Possibility to use the most advanced tactical data elements employed for tactical operations available today,
• Possibility to use national crypto systems for increased tactical information security. It uses synchronous serial crypto devices, so that it can work with most National crypto devices, with synchronous serial interface capabilities.
• It is a multi-network system, a total of 8 networks, with each MU participating up to 4 networks is possible.
• Employs modern “Message Delivery Service” techniques and Network Control including automatic relay and routing mechanisms.
• Employs Super Network Management
• Efficient capacity usage with Dynamic Time Division Multiple Access.

Intelligence officers can search through every bit of data at high speed, extract significant intelligence, perform multi-dimensional analysis using different customized views and share it with other officers when necessary.