Link M

Link-M is an Indigenous Tactical Data Link System which enables tactical data exchange amongst land, naval and air platforms using existing or new HF and V/UHF Radios.


  • Provides an indigenous tactical data link solution especially for non-NATO nations.
  • Due to national crypto availability, provides a “National” tactical link solution.
  • Compatible with Data Forwarding to/from NATO Links.
  • May use commercial modems alternatives.
  • Uses SATCOM/Fast IP network channel as direct network architecure.
  • Portable: Link-M is developed independent from platform, operating system and hardware.
  • Open to Modifications/Improvements: Link-M is developed by following OACE standard and it can be modified or improved by spending little effort to adapt changes in addition/deletion of messages or changes in message field.
  • Suitable for Different Integration Models:
    • Can be deployed standalone,
    • It can be a part of Mission Computer,
    • It can be integrated with Legacy CMS systems through an adapter unit,
    • It can be deployed together with Mil-CMS without using an adapter.

Intelligence officers can search through every bit of data at high speed, extract significant intelligence, perform multi-dimensional analysis using different customized views and share it with other officers when necessary.