MilSOFT is a 100% Turkish national firm

which offers cost-effective products

MilSOFT is a system integration and software development company, having business presence and interest in defense industry.

MilSOFT is a 100% Turkish national firm which offers cost-effective products to its customers and competes in the national and international markets by using the current and the latest technologies developed through conducting research and development activities.

Our Vision

To be a global Customer-centric and innovative software/systems critical solutions provider by thinking long-term needs.

Our Mission

  • Delivers unique and customized solutions that answers our Customers’ needs

  • Promises innovative and high-end technology to turn complexity into simplicity and deliver best Customer experience.

  • Strives for continuous improvement in order to meet Customers’ future expectations.

  • Believes lasting success and growth is built upon our employees so we invest our teammates and their happiness, support their growth for our shared vision.


Be Customer Centric

Our focus is Customer, their needs, expectations and challenges. We should always use our customer perspective as the constant cornerstone of our approach.  We focus on solutions that satisfy our Customer and add value. We strive for providing our Customers with products and services that exceed their expectations in terms of quality, usability, maintainability and affordability. Customer focus also helps us preserve our market relevance and the distinctiveness of our products adding to our competitive advantage.


We are continuous learners. We benchmark ourselves and our teams against the best. We constantly look for new ideas from everywhere. We always find smart ways to create new solutions and continuously raise the bar.

Think Long-term

We never sacrifice long-term benefits for shortcuts and/or shortsighted decisions in the face of challenges. We all are bound to make things better for the benefit of entire company and the stakeholders.

Improve Continuously

We always seek ways to improve ourselves our products, and processes. We see continuous improvement as a sustainable competitive advantage and believe in the importance of reflecting the lessons learned into our work and decision-making processes.

We see change and transformation as a source of inspiration and energy. We are not fixed with our thoughts and we like to change our ideas depending on the circumstances.

Acquire Best Talent and Act as a Team

We continuously raise our standards for hiring better talent, and support everyone with their career path.  We value skills and strengths of our teams. We foster a collaborative workplace that engages all employees in finding solutions for our customers. 

We are people centric. We collaborate easily and create excellent results through teamwork and open dialogue and   we value everybody’s feedback and ideas. We are open-minded and share our knowledge. We seek diverse perspectives.

Think Simple

Simplicity is the main approach in our products, the way of our thinking and our daily operations. We streamline everything that does not add value to our customer or our company. 

Take High-Speed Decisions

We do not wait for all details to be ready. We assess risks and take action with speed. Many decisions and actions are reversible and do not need extensive study. The reward in taking action is far greater than the cost of making a mistake. We reconsider a problem even if we think we have already solved it. We respectfully challenge decisions when we disagree. We speak our minds openly but once a decision is made we commit to it wholeheartedly.

Deliver Results

We deliver our commitments on time and with high quality. We are proud of our achievements and celebrate our successes. We support and encourage our teams to deliver high quality products, services and processes. We immediately fix problems when they are discovered and we ensure that defects do not flow down the line and. We strive for cost effective solutions for our Customers.



• CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integrated) Level 5 Certified

ISO 27001:2017

• ISO 9001:2015

• NATO AQAP – 2110 & NATO AQAP – 2210

In compliance with

international standards

System Engineering: EIA/IS – 632,

IEEE 1220 Software Engineering: IEEE 12207,

MIL-STD-498 Configuration Management: ISO IEC/ISO 15486, ANSI/IEEE 1042, MIL-STD-973


Security Clearances

National Facility Clearance Certificate at the level of ‘National Secret’ NATO Facility Clearance Certificate at the level of ‘NATO Secret’


We Value People

We recognize the value and contribution of each individual in the organization, and believe in the significance of contributions that come from the diversity of individuals and ideas. We strive to attract, develop and retain an inclusive workforce. By seeking top talent across a broad spectrum, we aim to ensure that we have the best people to help us reach our business goals. We strive to foster an environment of collaboration and innovation where each team member can do his or her best work and achieve personal and professional growth for the continuation of our business successes and achievements.

Treat People with Respect and Dignity

Employees are expected to treat fellow employees, customers and suppliers with respect and dignity. MilSOFT leaders at all levels have a special obligation to encourage openness and mutual trust in work environment and ethical culture where employees are treated respectfully and may raise issues or concerns without fear of retaliation

We are committed to fair employment practices. Our employment-related decisions are made without regard to religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, age and disability.

Personal Integrity and Accountability

The company’s policies, practices and procedures reflect a strong commitment to human rights. The Company has stated values include commitments to treat people with respect and dignity; to foster an atmosphere of inclusivity; to respect laws, regulations and ethical practices; and to operate with integrity in all our business interactions. 

We believe in keeping our personal integrity in tact under all circumstances. In our relations with fellow employees, we act ethically, consistently, aware of our responsibilities towards each other, and do not refrain from telling truth at the correct point and time without any manipulation. We always demonstrate honesty no matter what the outcomes are. We embrace and bring surface the problems. We find wise and long-term solutions and learn from them. We do not compromise for the sake of social cohesion or any pressure from any stakeholder.

We are committed to personal and team/organizational level targets. We think, decide and act in a manner where we take the full responsibility of our actions/inactions and the results achieved.

Responsibility for Quality in Our Products and Services

We internalize quality by understanding what is required of us in our daily work and striving to do it right the first time. If we each focus on the first-time quality, we earn the trust of our colleagues and our customers.

The success of both MilSOFT and our customers depends on all of us emphasizing quality and excellence in the way we do our work and ultimately the products and services we provide. This means having a mission assurance mindset and complying with all contract and government requirements. Employees take personal responsibility and make compliance with quality standards a priority to build on the company’s record of excellence, give the company a competitive advantage and protect our reputation, while abiding by government laws and regulations. Every inspection and test specified in our processes must be performed and properly documented.

Business Ethics and Compliance

When we talk about business ethics, we refer to the commitments that make our company great. We deal fairly with our company’s customers, suppliers, and competitors, as well as with each other. Each of us should strive to be:

  • Law abiding
  • Honest and trustworthy
  • Responsible and reliable
  • Fair and cooperative

When we talk about compliance, we refer to the laws, regulations, and policies and processes that control and direct both our actions and those of our company.

Working with Other Parties

We work with many different business partners. Maintaining constructive working relationships with others, benefits our business and our professional integrity. 

Their behavior, performance, and the way they operate may affect our reputation. We make sure we maintain our standards and behave respectfully while working with others. We promptly report –in the same manner, we would do so for the Company’s internal matter– any behavior by a business partner or supplier that does not match our standards.

We Maintain Accurate Records

Our stakeholders rely on us to give them timely and accurate picture of our operations, so that they can make sound decisions. In order to provide them with reliable information and comply with the law, we have a responsibility to ensure that our corporate records are accurate. Records include physical or electronic documents we create as part of our jobs. At all times, we must ensure that the information we provide is forthright and accurate. At no time may we misrepresent, falsify or alter data. 

Honest, accurate and objective recording and reporting of information, whether financial or non-financial, is essential to the Company’s governance, credibility and reputation. The accurate charging of labor, materials and other costs is also necessary to maintain the integrity of the Company’s customer billing, cost estimating and financial reporting processes, and to allow the proper payment of taxes. Failure to record financial information and labor charges accurately will damage the Company’s credibility and reputation and potentially expose the individual to serious consequences. 

We must each record all transactions, expenditures, hours worked or any other aspect of the Company’s business accurately, in a timely manner and in accordance with local business policies, procedures and practices.

Protect MilSOFT’s Intellectual Property

Proprietary and Classified Information of MilSOFT is among our most important assets and must be safeguarded. The proprietary information includes, without limitation, our ideas and inventions, our innovative customer solutions, our financial information, technical business data, our technology and business plans and other trade secrets. We protect our Company’s proprietary information and trade secrets in accordance with all Company policies and applicable laws. We all have responsibility to properly classify information and documents to ensure they are appropriately protected during use, sharing and disposal.

We have a legal obligation to protect and maintain the “confidential” classified information that has been entrusted to us. We follow all applicable security and IT policies, and take all reasonable measures to ensure that unauthorized use or disclosure of these assets does not occur. 

We do not use the proprietary information of the third parties, regardless of how it was obtained, unless with the proper authorization or explicitly allowed in the contract or by law.


We always remember that Customers trust us with their personal information. Preserving that trust requires each of us to respect and protect the privacy and security of private information. Our security procedures strictly limit access to and use of personal information, and require that each of us take measures to protect user data from unauthorized access and disclosure. We know our responsibilities under these procedures, and collect, use, and access user personal information only as authorized by our Security Policies, our Privacy Policies, and applicable personal data protection laws.

Physical and Network Security

We ensure the security of our laptop, important equipment, MilSOFT’s communication facilities (which include both our network and the hardware that uses it, like computers and mobile devices) and our personal belongings on MilSOFT’s premises and off-site. These are all critical aspect of our Company’s physical and intellectual property. We always wear our badge visibly while on site. We do not tamper with the security and safety devices. We make sure to follow all security policies.  We promptly report any suspicious activity to MilSOFT’s Security department as defined in MilSOFT’s Security Policy.

Safe Workplace

We are committed to a violence-free work environment. We do not tolerate any level of violent action or threat . In case of any potential violence, contact MilSOFT’s Security and Human Resources Departments.

Company IT Infrastructure and Social Media

We are responsible for using MilSOFT networks, computer systems, mobile devices and other technologies legally, ethically and responsibly. We do not access the Internet for unauthorized, illegal or unethical purposes, or to view/download any offensive material. In e-mails or all other electronic messages, we exercise the same care as a formal correspondence. As a general rule, we do not put it in writing if we regret seeing it in the media.

Milsoft Software Technologies

Board of Directors




Founding Partner & Acting Chairman

Muhammet Sami ULUKAVAK

Board Member


Board Member



Our Management System
• Our Management System is designed to fullfill our customers expectations completely by complying to international standards and proven international best practices.
• The best practices and management systems standards are harmonized and transformed to the lean MilSOFT Management System that adds value to our customers.
• MilSOFT Management System is continually improved by using quantitative data in accordance with CMMI Level-5.
• Our Management system is certified to be compliant with the following management standards and its’ compliance continuity is assessed by accredited organizations.
Quality Policy
• By considering innovative approaches, supply products and services which meets our customer’s expectations for achieving their intended use.
• While taking into consideration the risks and opportunities affecting the quality management system, enhance the satisfaction of customers, employees and shareholders via continuous improvement activities in all fields of operation, which involve all the personnel.
In accordance with the MilSOFT’s compliance to international standards and international best practices objective MilSOFT has been certified as CMMI Level-3 in 2002.
In 2005 MilSOFT has been certified as CMMI Level-5 that is the highest level an organization can reach.
MilSOFT is one of the first organizations in Europe in 2005 that can reach to this maturity level.
From that day MilSOFT has continued being CMMI Level-5.
CMMI is being used by approximately 11000 organizations in 100 countries. Only 5% of these organizations could reach to this maturity level.
MilSOFT is one of the 27 CMMI Level-5 organizations in Europe and one of the 285 CMMI Level-5 organizations in United States.
MilSOFT’s maturity level has ensured success of the projects and with the following parameters resulted as customer satisfaction:
• Product quality levels that is higher than international sector averages
• Project schedule performance that is better than international sector averages
• Project cost performance that is better than international sector averages
• Repeatable project success
• Data driven continual improvement
• Deep competency on project Management and process management


Software development activities are performed in accordance with world standard software lifecycle models in MilSOFT. The following approaches are used in accordance with IEEE12207 and MIL-STD-498 standard
• Spiral Model
• Rational Unified Process
• Grand Design
• Incremental Design
• Evolutionary Design
Furthermore, the software engineering process used in MilSOFT has recently been adapted to CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integrated) Level 5 requirements. Each software development activity is estimated according to Function Point and COCOMO II techniques, in terms of size and duration, as described in the MilSOFT estimation process. Software metrics are collected and evaluated during the life-cycle and fully satisfying the”Quantitative Project Management” which is a CMMI Level 4 key process area. MilSOFT has adapted CMMI Institute risk matrix to its process and applies tight risk management procedures during software projects.
To manage a successful project a detailed Software Development Plan (SDP) is prepared based on program requirements and the system requirements allocated to software. The description of all phases, software development environment, resources, metrics to be collected, schedule of the project, etc. are included in this plan.
• The first phase of the software development process is Requirement Analysis.
In this phase, the functional and operational requirements of the software is determined. These requirements are documented in Software Requirement Specification (SRS) and Interface Requirements Specification (IRS) documents. The requirements determined in this phase are managed by employing backward and forward tracing, so the software being developed is ensuredto satisfy the requirements in all the phases.
• In the Preliminary Design phase, preliminary design of the software is completed based on the SRS and IRS documents.
Preliminary design process conforms to MilSOFT design standards. The results of the preliminary design are documented in Software Design Description (SDD) and Interface Design Description (IDD) documents.
• In the Critical Design phase, detailed design of the software is completed to make it ready for the Implementation phase.
The results of the Critical Design phase is documented by adding new parts to SDD and IDD documents, which have been prepared in the Preliminary Design phase. If the software system includes a database, then the structure of the database is documented in the Database Design Description (DBDD) document.
• In the Implementation Phase, the implementation of the system is completed based on SRS, IRS, SDD and IDD documents.
Implementation phase includes coding, compiling, debugging, user interface development, database creation, and filling in the necessary data to the database. Configuration management is performed for each software unit during coding. Coding conforms to related MilSOFT Coding Standards.
• In the Unit Testing phase, each implemented software unit is unit tested independently in an isolated test environment , i.e. independent of other software units.
Unit tests are performed according to the Unit Test Description (UTD) document, which were prepared and reviewed previously. The software units which pass the unit tests are integrated in Unit Integration phase. Unit integration tests are performed at this point.
Software products developed in every each phases of software development process are reviewed according to the Software Development Plan (SDP). These reviews are performed by software or system engineers who were not involved in the development of the product. These reviews are performed for both developed and still being developed products. The main purpose of the reviews is to determine the defects of the products in earlier stages of development, and to provide a qualified product.
The developed software products are reviewed with the customer according to the terms of the contract. Thus, feedback is obtained from the customer during the development processes, so that the customer joins the development process.


MilSOFT’s main objective for Information Security is;

Comply with all TS/IEC 27001 requirements and related regulations, Continuously improve information security management system, Provide integrity, protect privacy and usability of company and customer assets Maintain business continuity

For the The Information Security Management Sistem.

MilSOFT is among the best in the world at delivering software solutions on time, within budget and to the agreed quality.

In Turkey, MilSOFT is the only CMMI Level 5 Company having 100% coverage during assessment.

    •  In 2005 MilSOFT has been certified as CMMI Level-5 that is the highest level an organization can reach.
    • MilSOFT is the first organization in Europe that can reach to CMMI Level-5.
    • From that day MilSOFT has continued being CMMI Level-5.
    • We are one of only a handful of companies worldwide that has managed to maintain a CMMI-appraisal Level 5 since 2005.

CMMI is being used by approximately 11000 organizations in 100 countries.

MilSOFT is one of the 29 CMMI Level-5 organizations in Europe and one of the 1053 CMMI Level-5 organizations worldwide.

What does being CMMI Level 5 add value to our customers ?

      • You receive high-quality solutions at competitive prices.
      • Your projects are delivered on time and within budget.
      • You receive a well-designed and easy-to-maintain solution at a competitive price.

What does being CMMI Level 5 add value to our employees ?

      • You work with standard, measurable, predictable processes.
      • You continuously improve yourselves.
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