Data Links & Messaging and Communications
MilSOFT has developed Multi-Link Tactical Data Link System (Mil-TDLS) which provides the Data Link capability to share tactical information with other Link 16, Link 22 and/or Link 11 capable platforms. We are capable of forwarding data link messages among different link systems either Link 11/16/22 or indigenously developed Link M. MilSOFT either completed or contributed to many projects with Link 11/16/22, including but not limited, HiSAR Medium Altitude Air Defence Missile System, Gabya and Milgem Class warships, Landing Ship Tank (LST), C-130, Meltem-2/3, Type 214 Submarine etc. MilSOFT has also successfully demonstrated the interoperability of its Mil-TDLS product by participating NATO CWIX trial every year starting from 2014. Mil-TDLS also provides JREAP-C and SIMPLE capabilities for Beyond Line of Sight transfer and rig testing of tactical data link information. MilSOFT can also contribute our partners to develop their own country specific link systems.