MilSOFT has strong bonds with logistic support systems. Our Logistic Support System Mil-ILS-Lifecycle Support & Management Information System is a part of Main Battle Tank prototype of OTOKAR. General Directorate of Meteorology and Turkish Coast Guard are also using modular parts of logistic support and management package. We are continuously evaluating our products with our partners in order to serve them best.

MilSOFT has an IT middleware product, TURKUAZ, compatible with international standards, extending the capabilities of the applications to use a foundation of common services and functions that are built on a service oriented and network centric architecture.

TURKUAZ brings together the enterprise service middleware and the real time information providing middleware (such as DDS). TURKUAZ is deployed on top of a computing environment and a set of commercial infrastructure elements: an operating system, an application server, a database server, an enterprise service bus, etc.

MilSOFT is using TURKUAZ, in all net centric system products, especially those that require a complex set of interoperability requirements. Some examples are Emergency Management applications, Logistics and Fleet Management applications, Command Control Information Systems (C2IS), Maritime Information Systems, etc.

MilSOFT Sync Serial Ethernet Convertor (Mil-SEC)

MilSOFT Data Distribution Unit (Mil-DDU)