Mil-JRE is an implementation Joint Range Extension Application Protocol (JREAP) defined in MIL-STD-3011 (STANAG 5518).


  • Range extension for tactical data.
  • Interconnects two or more tactical data links.
  • Removes dependency on MIDS terminals.
  • Overcomes Line of Sight issues on MIDS terminals.
  • Communication over commercial / military satellites via JREAP A
  • Communication over military phone lines via JREAP B
  • Communication over IP networks via JREAP C
  • Management Messages
  • J-Series (L16) Messages
  • Terminal Free-Text Messages
  • Data Extrapolation according to negotiated Common Time Reference
  • Filtering
  • Routing


  • Compatible with MIL-STD-3011 (STANAG 5518)
  •  Communicates with Data Link Processors (DLP) over standard interfaces such as MIDS (Ethernet) and SIMPLE.
  • User friendly Operator Console.
  • Fault tolerant.


  • Operationally used by Turkish Armed Forces.
  • Interoperability tested on CWIX events.
  • Fully implemented and compatible with MIL-STD-3011 (STANAG 5518)