IES Solutions of MilSOFT
• Transportable Image Exploitation System (TIES) receives EO/IR, SAR, GMTI, Telemetry sensor data from UAV via Ground Control Station, performs screening and exploitation functions and reports the exploitation products to intelligence requesters.
• Remote Video Terminal (RVT) receives and displays sensor data that are transferred directly from the UAV. The equipment is suitable to be used for forward observing posts in the battlefield.
• Ground Control Station Mission Systems (GCSMS) is a complete mission system solution of Ground Control Station of UAVs which consists of Mission Planning Software, Payload Control Software, Communication System and Integrated Test and Monitoring Software.


  • Purpose of operators located in TIES are to receive the sensor data, make detailed analysis on the data recevied and create imagery intelligence reports. Those reports are send to decision makers online through secure military lines.
    Basic TIES Functionality:
    • Image Exploitation & Analysis
    • Photogrammetry
    • Image Reception & Storage
    • General Intelligenmce Cycle Management RVT is used by forward observers in the field. RVT receives sensor data directly from the aircraft. Every component of RVT is rugged for harsh environment.
  • GCSMS Functions:
    Mission Planning Software Functions
    • Flight, Payload, Communication Planning
    • Mission Rehearsal
    • Mission Upload
    • Mission Monitoring, Debriefing and EvaluationPayload Control Software Functions
    • Control of UAV Payloads
    • Process, Display, Record and Replay Payload Data Communication System Functions
    • Interaction of External Systems Based on STANAG 4586
    • Manage External Interfaces of GCSMSIntegrated Test and Monitoring Software Functions
    • Collection, Archieving, Display of Status/Diagnostic information

Intelligence officers can search through every bit of data at high speed, extract significant intelligence, perform multi-dimensional analysis using different customized views and share it with other officers when necessary.