Processing, evaluation, display and distribution of platform navigational and meteorological data to the relevant systems.

Data Distribution Unit (DDU) collects data from its subsystems and distributes data to other subsystems in order for the platform to function effectively.

It has a redundant system architecture to make the data distribution process efficient and uninterrupted. The system architecture is extensible and can support different interface formats.


  • Fast and Reliable
  • Off the shelf Commercial/Military Products
  • Proven protocol and communication infrastructure
  • Scalable to platform needs
  • Flexible modular architecture
  • Software, Network and Hardware Redundancy


  • Inertial Navigation and Meteorological System
  • ECDIS, Plotting Table, Navigation Telex (NAVTEX)
  • Speed Log, Echo Sounder, Gyro, GPS, Magnetic Compass, Gyro Repeater
  • Comms (SATCOM, Radio), Satellite TV, Camera
  • Navigation Radar, Automatic Identification System (AIS), Sonar, Auxiliary Equipment
  • Guns and Missiles