JETS & JETSIM is a Joint Electronic Warfare Training&Simulation Center which provides EW training both in theory and practice for planners and decision makers.
JETS & JETSIM is mainly composed of two applications:
– EW e-learning Application (Joint Electronic Warfare Training System / JETS)
– Interactive EW Application (Joint Electronic Warfare Training Simulation / JETSIM)
JETS is a web based training system on Electronic Warfare (EW) concepts and applications. It provides a comprehensive content on EW and related subjects, which includes the knowledge and perspectives of both academia and EW officers.
In JETSIM, EW training is conducted in an interactive scenario environment (Red vs. Blue forces or Trainee vs. Computer).


  • Supporting all aspects of Electronic Warfare
    • Supporting both force and joint trainings
    • EW training both in theory and practice for planners and decision makers
    • Interactive and scenario based (Red vs. Blue forces)
    • IEEE 1516 HLA compliant
    • Reference Models Library for definition, storage and managing simulation entities
    • Scenario Editor for scenario generation and preview
    • EW training for Army, Navy, Air Force and joint operations
    • 2-D and 3-D visualization
    • Formatted and free text messaging, voice communication
    • Trainee evaluation and reporting
    • Replay feature for debriefing
    • Enhanced Evaluation, Reporting, Debriefing, and After Action Review capabilities