Mil-DLP (MilSOFT Multi Data Link Processor) is a system that provides multi-link processing capability to share tactical information among surface,  subsurface, air, and land platforms / units.


• Scalable: Mil-DLP can easily be scaled by enabling/disabling Links (11/16/22) or individual Link messages in order  to meet different platform requirements.
• Portable: Data link processing logic is isolated from external dependencies and Mil-DLP is developed independent from platform, operating system and hardware.
• Open to Modifications/Improvements: Mil-DLP is developed by following OACE standard and it can be modified or improved by spending little effort to adapt changes in Link standards like addition of a new Link, addition/deletion of messages or changes in message field.
• Suitable for Different Integration Models:
– Mil-DLP can be deployed standalone,
– It can be a part of Mission Computer,
– It can be integrated with Legacy CMS systems through an adapter unit,
– It can be deployed together with Mil-CMS without using an adapter.