We as MilSOFT, worked really hard to improve our genuine technology and to be the best in our field. We were the first company in Turkey that earned the highest level of Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI 5) which is accomplished only by the few companies around the world.
In our field we dedicated to create the best career development and learning resources as our principle. In that international contest we invite those who are self-confident, has believe in success, wants to take the success of the Turkish engineers to new horizons, are interested in providing real engineering solutions to projects that are issued with using the latest technologies.
MilSOFT; first CMMI Level 5 software organization of Turkey invites Engineers, who are enthusiastic to show their talents in the international arena.

(IPSE - 2128)

We are looking for Image Processing Software Engineers to be based in Ankara who will work with teams who are responsible for developing image processing algorithms and solutions for problems such as target detection, image enhancement, change detection using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques.

Image processing Responsibilities

  • Perform literature survey for finding optimal image processing algorithm for a given task or problem
  • Design and implement computer vision algorithms for target detection, image filtering and enhancement.
  • Perform evaluation of algorithm in terms of defined performance metrics.


Software Engineering Responsibilities

  • Defining software requirements from system level requirements and performing architectural and detailed design activities using software requirements
  • Implementation of the software using design artifacts
  • Performing unit and unit integration testing in accordance with test cases and procedures
  • Performing the test of a computer software configuration item on the target computer system
  • Making all necessary revisions to the software, performing all necessary retesting, and updating other software products as needed based on the results of tests
  • Performing documentation and review activities for work products


Required Qualifications

  • BS Degree in Computer Science/Computer Engineering
  • Knowledge/Experience on software engineering concepts(design patterns, object oriented design) 
  • Knowledge/Experience in modular architectures and service oriented architectures.
  • Knowledge/Experience in C/C++ development( C++0x and newer language standards, ANSI C99 )
  • Theoretical and practical background on image processing concepts with experience on modern libraries(opencv)
  • Theoretical and practical background on Machine Learning and Deep Learning concepts with experience on python and popular libraries(numpy, scikit, panda etc..).


Preferred Qualifications

  • Knowledge/Experience in deep learning platforms such as pytorch and tensorflow.
  • Knowledge/Experience in cloud technologies (virtualization, kubernetes, rancher, docker etc.) 
  • Knowledge/Experience in Java platform and libraries.
  • Knowledge/Experience in Apache Spark platform.